Electronic Board Assembly Operator


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Electronic Board Assembly Operator

Typical Starting Wage: $12.50 – 15 per hour

This program provides skill-based training regarding soldering, wire harnessing, and cabling.  Education is focused around key skills needed within the manufacturing sector, such as Safety and Quality. It is designed to prepare for a career as an Electronic or Solder Assembler.

This is a 168-hour course (includes over 80 hours of hands-on experience). This course is recognized nationally within the manufacturing community. The Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) is the governing body that tests and certifies individuals for this certification. The education is focused around key skills needed within the manufacturing sector including Safety and Quality Control. Hands-on assembly training including wire harnessing and cabling, soldering, and practical experience with tooling and equipment is also included in this course. Individuals enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to earn both J-STD-001 (Soldered Electric and Electronic Assemblies) and IPC/WHMA-A-620 (Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies) national certifications.